Steps I take to proofread my book

When I wrote my book, I remember doing a few things to get myself ready for it in terms of proofreading. Now, I self published it, so I was on my own with editing and stuff. I did have the option for the publishing company to do that for me, but it cost money that I didn’t have.

Anyway, I have a way of doing things and I figured I’d share these things with you. Maybe they can help you or, perhaps you’re curious on how I did my thing.

1. Read the book silently for 1-3 times.

I do this so I can find any punctuation mistakes. You might miss periods, commas, and other stuff. You could also possibly notice misspelled words, though there’s a better way of doing that. Actually…

2. Read the book aloud 1-3 times.

This will really help you with finding misspelled words. As you read, and I mean, really read, you should stumble on a lot of mistakes, if any. Also, it can help you with your wording. Reading something vs saying something can feel different at times. Not to mention, you can fix up your grammar.

3. Order a physical copy of the book.

Get a proof of the book. At first, I was like “what’s the difference between reading on my screen and on paper”? But, I was shocked. Even more things appeared from the first two steps. If you can, get one. Read it. Use it to make notes and then go back to the screen and punch in the new stuff.

4. Wait a few days, and then read it again.

You wrote it. So, you’re mind sort of knows what’s coming before you think about it. But, that’s the problem. Our minds can play tricks on us. For instance, you meant to put a word on the page. You thought about this. Your thought can be so real to your mind that it can convince you that you did put it there. What’s amazing is that, while you’re reading, your mind will put a word in there. This is easier when the book is on your mind vs if you walk away for a while and go to read it. The key to all of this is to force yourself to think about what you read. Once this happens, your brain will begin to try to process more details.

That’s all I do. There is one more step that you can do: Get somebody else to read your stuff. It’s a continuation of the 4th step. A fresh mind looking at your stuff will see things that you wouldn’t. I didn’t go down this road because I wanted my book to be a secret.

So yeah, that’s how I do my stuff with my book. Sadly, most of my blog posts don’t get this same attention.


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