Dante’s Opinion: Did I Go Too Far?

First question is from anonymous:

I have loved a girl since fifth grade, and now, a couple years after graduating, I was able to talk to her through Facebook. I let her know that she was important to me, and the conversation was going as well as could be expected, but then she asked me why she was so important to me. I answered with this:

I’m not entirely sure, but I have an idea. I moved away in fifth grade, and then moved again after sixth. I got pulled out of school halfway through seventh, then moved back to go to Evergreen. I’m assuming that because of the moving around, I started to be a lot less social than I used to be, and didn’t talk to many people. You’re the person I remember most. I know that we’re different people, and as much as I hate to admit it, the level of importance you hold in my life is probably unhealthy, and most would say borderline obsessive, but I don’t think it’s a bad thing. I’m sorry if I’m starting to sound creepy.

She saw it and didn’t respond. A few days later, I sent this:

I don’t know if you saw my message and are thinking about how to respond to it, or if you are ignoring it, or if you just didn’t get around to responding. I shouldn’t have been so forward about my thoughts, and I don’t want to assault your inbox with messages. I know we’re different people, and I want to get to know the person you are today, if you’ll allow me to. If not, no hard feelings. I understand.

She saw it back in May. Should I send an apology? Should I wait longer? I want to be friends

Do you have an idea of how often she is on Facebook? Because if it’s often, then you may have scared her off. The best thing I would tell you is to leave it alone. It’s pretty deep how honest you were and I guess she was struggling with this. I don’t think an apology can help; I think it’s too deep in now.


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