My Top 5 Favorite Styles of Writing

I think one thing that gets lost in writing is that there are many forms of it. People can’t do them all. Just because you’re good at one, doesn’t mean you’re good at another. There’s a major split between creative and academic writing.

Creative, of course, involves playwriting, poetry, song, and other methods of writing generally meant to entertain. Academic is more of the technical, journalistic, and other forms of informative writing.

With that said, I have done plenty of forms of writing. Some can be seen on the internet, others are personal projects. I am going to rank my top five styles of writing.

Playwriting, blogging, technical, journalistic, poetry

5. Poetic

I like poetry mainly because I love to make things rhyme. Of course, that’s not the only style of poetry. Actually, my favorite style of poetry is acrostic. I love the challenge of spelling a word while describing the word in a few short words per line. I’ve also written songs (poetry in motion?). But, I’m not a big poet guy. In fact, I sort of dislike reading poems and I couldn’t name many of the big ones. But, when it comes to writing little bits of stuff for fun, I enjoy the challenges it brings.

4. Journalistic

Informing the people in a certain tone is what all writers have to deal with. However, with this style, it’s something different. You’re responsible for getting the story and making sure you don’t F up the facts. People need to know. I enjoy this style or writing and I’m most known for this style of writing in my small circles.

Now, the top three were sort of hard.

3. Technical

I love this style of writing and it’s something I’m starting to really get good at. the thing is, this is a dangerous type of writing because it involves you being somewhat of an expert because your job is to take the complicated jargon of the topic and making it easy for people outside of that expertise to understand. So, for me, I think technical writers can only be successful if they write about something they KNOW. I think that’s the difference between someone good and great at it. Being that bring of knowledge and understanding. I created a handbook for my church lighting crew from scratch. It was easy because I have an extensive knowledge of lighting. It was easy to describe in great detail how things work. So far, so good as other people and churches have asked for this handbook. Yay!

2. Blogging

For a long time, I have told you that I want to be known as a blogger above all other styles of writing. This is true and still is. That doesn’t mean it’s my favorite way to write. Blogging is not limited to writing. Let’s get that clear. However, I wanted to touch on the writing part of it. My work at Dante’s Optimism is essentially my home. My world. My best work goes there. I have also done a lot of blogging at other places. The only reason why I haven’t gone by “DanteBlogs” over “DanteWrites” is because it sounds a little weird. DanteBlogs. I don’t know. But, Dante’s Optimism is probably my most prized creation.

1. Playwriting

YES! I love writing plays, man. Love it. I don’t do novels, bro. Plays. Although, I am working on a hybrid play and novel thing. But yeah, plays. Love writing them. But, the thing is, I’m weak in a few areas. Like, character personality. Each voice…ugh; I can tell they sort of talk the same way. Like, if you switched the names of who is speaking, there’s no real difference in how you receive them. However, the actual dialogue is really good. It’s to the point where I’ve sort of created a little universe that the different stories all occupy but there has never really been a crossover. It’s mainly things like locations, brands, and stuff like that. But, the characters don’t cross at this time. Playwriting is what triggered me to want to be a writer as I started a play in college on an assignment and then just expanded it afterwards and I was hooked. I’m hooked. I’m sort of out of stuff to write about now though. Sad face.


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