I see what you’re doing, Amazon

In recent weeks, Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) started telling me that I could create a paperback version of my Kindle book (ebook; whatever). I never clicked on it because I had my paperback book on CreateSpace, which is also Amazon owned.

So yeah, when I was checking on my Kindle book info, I saw that notice and I first thought “why are you competing with yourself?” But yesterday, I decided to create a paperback version of my book on KDP. During the process, it asked me if my book was already on CreateSpace. I’m like, “yeah”.

On the next page of the setup process, it tells me that I am going to essentially transfer my CreateSpace info for my book onto or into my KDP info and that it would remove the book from the CreateSpace platform. At first, I was like, “oh crap!” Then I was like “awesome” but then, I read more about the transfer and such. KDP currently has less features than its…distant cousin. If I transfer from CreateSpace, I’d put a hurting on myself.

But, I see what Amazon is doing. My guess is that they are working on eliminating CreateSpace (or at least merging its services into KDP). KDP tells you why you should make a paperback and mainly pushes the idea of having a central location to manage your books. It makes no initial mention of CreateSpace. Only people that have used CreateSpace can see this connection.

Actually, a couple of years ago, CreateSpace offered the ability to directly move your files over to KDP to create an Kindle book. That’s the only reason why I went over to KDP in the first place.


I guess they wanted to slowly build a bridge of the services so that, when they eventually announce Kindle is the place to be, authors won’t feel too hassled to switch over.

Another hint I got was the Matchbook program. If you don’t know about this, the Matchbook program from Amazon goes like this: If you buy the paperback version of a book, you can get the ebook at a reduced price, or, like for my book, FREE. Again, this is a program and authors choose whether their book is part of it.

But, what I have noticed is that there doesn’t seem to be a match for my print version to my Kindle version. It’s like it’s broken or something. Like I said, I moved my files from CreateSpace to KDP. It’s not like I uploaded an entirely new file or something. But, if you publish your formats on KDP, it’s more of a guarantee you’ll get the matchbook program to work.

So, ultimately, I decided not to switch just yet because KDP doesn’t have the features that CreateSpace has. Mainly, the distribution channels. I also have a couple of discount codes on the CreateSpace version which would be useless (I guess but I don’t really know) once I switch.

Like, is the transfer meaning the book is removed from your CreateSpace account, or does it go further and take it off of the CreateSpace store too? I don’t know and KDP doesn’t really make it clear. It’s still in Beta, so it’s understandable.

Ultimately, I will switch once I see KDP catches up to CreateSpace.

I wonder about the audio book platform, ACX, which is yet another Amazon company. Amazon is responsible for Audible.com, which is where audiobooks from all around and, of course, the ACX platform have market space. I’ve been working on an audiobook for my book as well and I have my account and such. Last I saw, there’s no real direct connection to KDP or CreateSpace or whatever. Will KDP absorb that too in time?

It makes sense, honestly. Make KDP the one stop publishing platform for authors of all types of formats. The term “Kindle” is a big name and easy to recognize. Once the paperback really comes to life on KDP, I expect them to take the next steps with CreateSpace. But, I love the idea of signing into one account, looking at all of my books and formats, and not having to have three separate spots to keep track of things.

I see what you’re doing, Amazon. Go ahead. I’m right behind you.


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