Last Month for Interpretations & Illustrations

Interpretations & Illustrations was a book I wrote and published back in 2012. This book was a combination of two other books I wrote and published, called Spiritual Interpretations and Spiritual Illustrations. The first book was published in January 2012.

In the midst of all of the changes going on with the publishing side of things, I decided to take this book off of the market at the end of the month.

I’ve been thinking about this for years, but never pulled the trigger. There were reasons why I had despised that book’s existence. Sales are not good; and that’s my fault. I’ve publicly shown my disdain for the book so why would I call for people to buy it?

It mostly comes down to regret. I regret publishing it. Ever since I did it, the respect for my blogging has gone down tremendously. I am a blogger first, and author second. But, many people think being an author is better. It’s not better. It’s different.

Anyway, for the rest of the month, Interpretations & Illustrations will be available via paperback and Kindle. It’s part of the matchbook program, so if you buy the print, I have it set up that you’ll get the digital for free. Kindle version by itself is $2.99 and paperback is $5.

So, what happens after that?

Well, my book Being A Candle In the Kingdom is a really good book. Like, it’s really good. It’s better than that other thing I published. Much better. It’s a combination of things I’m great at: writing and lighting. It’s technically a project many years in the making.

So, buy that book instead. It’s currently going through the transition phase from CreateSpace to Kindle, so it’s off the market at this time. In the meantime, I will also be recording an audiobook of it. I wanted to create one for the other book, but I never finished it, mainly because I couldn’t vocally get engaged. Like, you could hear it in my voice that I just didn’t care about what I was saying.

That’s going to be different with this book. I’m talking about stuff I love and care about. I’ve been teaching these concepts to people for years. It’s a passion.

Once that’s done, I’m going to launch a big campaign. The marketing on this thing will be great. This book will be great.


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