Trying a new Twitter and Periscope posting strategy

Hey, so most of you know that I favor Twitter more than the rest of my social interactions. So, I’ve recently been just looking over my Twitter and Periscope. Uh, yeah I just signed up for Periscope. I used to be on Vine until it shut down. I was a little upset, but I didn’t quite use it. But, I do a lot of video stuff, mainly lighting. This website covers my lighting and writing and I want my social media presence to do the same. With Twitter and Periscope, I think I have a chance to make that happen.

So, let’s talk about my new strategy!


The main headquarters. Obviously, Periscope will post to my Twitter account/profile. So, you could follow me on Twitter and still see stuff from Periscope. I want to post the following:

  • Monday Motivation
  • Wednesday Word
  • Friday Funny

That list may seem familiar to you if you’ve followed my blog, Dante’s Optimism. These featured posts will be image exclusive. This covers my blogging.


So, this is a trial run, here. I want this to work, and it’s not quite replacing YouTube, but I want to share live stream some of my lighting stuff; especially stuff I never did before on YouTube. My lighting projects have been somewhat scarce recently, but I do have a little list of things I think would be interesting for streaming.

Also, I am thinking about adding my sports fandom in the mix. Something sort of like a live podcast or something. They would be really quick; like thoughts and predictions stuff. It might compliment writing I do for the multiple sports sites on the NBA.

The rest of social media

Well, Twitter is my favorite place, as I’ve said. However, I’m on plenty of other platforms. Those platforms include Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube (it’s more than social, obviously), and Google+. There are probably more but I’m too tired to remember and these that I listed are the ones I generally keep updated.

Anyway, these platforms are nice and all, but they don’t fit the style I need to express myself as a blogger and lighting designer. That’s the thing. Each platform is useful and, really, is a tool that needs to be used. There are plenty of benefits and disadvantages to each platform.

I’ve steadily moved away from the other platforms. I liked Vine, and I really would’ve liked having that service or even something like that being introduced into Periscope. That would be nice to be able to share short bursts of content. It was a perfect match for how to use Twitter.

In any case, I have my posting strategy written out. I just have to commit to it. Periscope is more of “when I can or feel like it”. Twitter is definitely more work involved, but scheduling them makes it easier.

What about Dante’s Optimism?

Good question. I do have my own blog where I can post plenty of content. Does this mean I’m essentially using Twitter to replace WordPress?

No. Absolutely not.

I mean, looking at everything, what I do at Dante’s Optimism is different than what I plan on doing with Twitter. Honestly, Twitter is an extension of my website and the DanteWrites brand. It’s separate from D.O. and that’s by design. Dante Writes is an umbrella of things, and Dante’s Optimism is included in that. So, when I do things, it’s not in direct relation with D.O.

This should be interesting. Let’s hope I can keep this up!


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