Hello, Dalanel


It’s Dante. Dante Nelson. I’ve been away for a while. During my time away, I’ve been thinking about my blogging career and online presence. I really did some thinking and came to the conclusion that I’m a failure.

So, the pen name of “Dante Writes” is done. Retired. I’m out of the game. Tire of it all.

I have an ironic piece of information to share with you.

So, back in February 2011, I started a blog called Dante’s Opinion. This blog transformed into DALANEL, and eventually, Dante’s Optimism. The best years of my blog and my blogging career in general came when the blog was in the DALANEL era.

Dalanel is a special word. It’s an acronym. For what? For my name. It’s my first, middle, and last name.

So, Dalanel is literally me. I am Dalanel. With that said, I do more than blogging, as you may have noticed on this site. I’ve shared some of my lighting work here and on YouTube as well. So now, this blog will more focus on that.

I’m going to focus on me. Whatever I’m doing; it’s showing up here. It’s not really a personal blog. Like, I won’t be sharing how my day went and what I ate. No, this site will cover my lighting and will have a blogging style similar to the days of DALANEL. Dalanel is my digital epicenter.

I’m more than a Blogger. I’m also a Lighting Designer. Teacher.

Basically, if you haven’t read that material in the years (approximate years) 2013-2015, then you’re in for a special treat. If you were around for those years, you already know that was my best work. I did some good work and wrote some good stuff.

But yeah, Dante Writes was a failure. My life in general is a great disappointment. I never wanted to be a big time blogger; that’s not the failure. The failure came in the fact that I was never consistent with anything. I would have a spurt of solid writing; then nothing. I also never really worked that hard to improve my blogging skills. I’ve been riding on my natural abilities for the most part.

In all of that; I do know I’m an excellent writer. I can write in many styles and formats. I’ve practiced such things. Wrote a book. Wrote handbooks and manuals. Wrote for big websites and little ones. I had a nice sports blogging career (it’s still going on; but on life support).

I make no promises of when stuff will appear and how often. That’s how I got in trouble before. The best I can tell you is, whenever something shows up, it’ll be good. Sexy. Interesting. Fun. One, or all of those things and more.

Here are some changes coming in the next week or so:

  • New website design (possibly) to better suit new blog’s purpose
  • Revamping pages to reflect new Dalanel format
  • Content shared from old/unpublished blogs
  • Finalizing Twitter and Periscope content strategies.

Also, and I mentioned this before, but my social media presence is down to Twitter. I actually deleted my apps to the other social media accounts I have. I don’t even plan on looking at them anymore. Twitter and Periscope. Honestly, if Twitter falls, I’m leaving social media altogether. I only joined these places to expand my blogger brand. Now that that’s dead, I can be where I want to be and care about Dante Nelson, instead of Dante Writes.


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