My Sixth Sense

I guess we have them. There’s this extra sense about things in this world that we have. I know I have one. After studying myself for the past 5 years, and analyzing the results of how accurate my sense is, I have determined my sixth sense. I can tell if something or somebody is going to have a negative influence on me.

Let me break it down here.

For people, I normally don’t even have to talk to them to get that…feeling that I’m going to be in trouble with this person. Just by looking at them I feel uneasy. Now, don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t mean that this person is a bad person in general, but just bad for me. And so far, the people that I hate, I hated before I even said a word to said people. I don’t know why. And I try to make things work, but it doesn’t.

That was easy. What about other stuff?

It’s weird because I don’t expect things to go wrong or bad. At the start, I’m like, “okay, let’s do it”. And then it goes down hill and I guess my gut feeling comes back and says “I told you so!”. If I get a vibe from the beginning, I guess I need to avoid it from now on.

I had that same vibe when I decided to direct the lighting for my church’s Christmas Cantata. My sense was screaming “NO, YOU FOOL!”. As time went on, I realized I was in a bad situation but I am a man of my word so I had to ride it out. I’m never doing that again.

It’s like a warning system. I won’t say Spidey Sense though. But, I have a knack of sensing a negative situation in my life. I’m not mad at it. I’m glad I have a chance to avoid crap.

What about you? Do you have a sixth sense?


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