I would have liked to be part of an arraigned marriage

Arraigned marriages. Or being able to choose your mate. I think, mainly because I’m a little lazy, I would have liked for someone to be picked out for me from birth. I would’ve liked to hang out with this girl and grow a relationship with her.

It’s not perfect of course.

I’m aware that our personalities could clash. However, arraigned marriages have a high success rate. Part of it is just the culture. Lots of couples just stick it out if they see that there’s really no other option. So, you could be in a unhappy marriage.

What if she’s ugly?

Look, I’m not shallow. But, I’d kinda feel some kind of way if she were a train wreck. There’s a reason why most people marry people with similar attractiveness. I don’t know why; but that seems to be the theme. So, I would hope she’s decent looking. Smart. Charming. Oh gosh, I already talked about what I want in my wife. Let’s move on.

I just don’t feel like looking. Simply put; the biggest thing is just me being lazy. Fear of rejection could come into play as well. There are other factors as well.

Think of a store. In this store, there’s many options and brands of can opener. Welp, the various prices and company reputations, and quality would playa factor in what you will buy. Some may go for the more expensive, usually because the more expensive something, it’s believed that it’s better quality. Others are looking for a bargain and will settle for a cheaper version, sacrificing quality. Me? I always struggle to make that kind of decision, although I tend to go by quality vs price.

I have an understanding that if you took many options away, people would still be satisfied. Like candy. There’s so many candies out there. But, I bet if most of the candy disappeared, the world keeps on spinning and people would settle for five flavors instead of ten.

That’s how it is with me. I think, in my mindset, I would have preferred just the one person. I don’t have to think. She’s my wife and that’s it.

I get it. Some people want the freedom to pick and choose. Go on many dates to test who is compatible. I considered this.

Now, I’m 22 and of course this is wishful thinking. The question is now: Would I pin my kids to an arraigned marriage? At first, I thought that would be a tough decision. But, then I realized that some arraigned marriages are not set in stone. Meaning, you can opt out if they are just too incompatible. So, I guess I and the child’s mother would befriend another couple and we could set something up; nothing permanent. Just, if other relationships don’t work out, they just fall back to each other.

Ugh wait…who wants to be plan “B”? Or Q? Or Z?

Okay…well…um…it’s just gonna have to work out. Really. They go out, try people out. And, it’ll be a settle thing. I mean, at some point, we all settle for something or someone, especially if you’re living on fantasy island looking for the perfect person.

Okay, I’ve got a game plan. Ready? BREAK!


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