Lighting Tips Series coming soon

Periscope, here I come! Soon, I’ll be launching an ongoing series where I simply share my tips and advice on lighting. Some early topics I plan on talking about:

  • Dealing with RGB shadows
  • Understanding DMX protocol
  • Maintaining inventory
  • Importance of maintenance
  • Purpose of lighting
  • 3-PIN vs 5-PIN DMX

Of course, I’ll talk about other things as well.

I plan on using Sunday afternoons as my “going live” time. I don’t have an exact time (3pm, 6pm, whatever). Also, Sunday is not set in stone. But, yeah, it is time to get into the lighting side of my digital presence. You know me as a writer, blogger, and all of that. But, what about a Lighting Designer?

It’s all very exciting for me, but I’m starting this series because I have a sense my time in my church is coming to an end soon; but I have so much to share. My church hasn’t really been responsive to my expertise, so I’m giving it to those who will listen. Give it to those who will appreciate what I have to offer.

My church’s lighting system is dying, and so I can’t even do various equipment type videos. My plan is to buy my own personal setup and do my own videos on my own time. That way, I can use proper equipment instead of how things have been at church.

I’ve done lighting professionally (outside of church) so I’m not limited to that.

Anyway, I’m excited about this series and the archives will likely be uploaded to YouTube as well. Like, Periscope, then this site, then YouTube.


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