From Blog to Book

Hey everyone. I recently announced that I was done working on Dante’s Optimism. Will I ever go back? Will it be repurposed? I don’t know yet. But, I had wanted to make sure people knew what was going on and not to be expecting any content.

Anyway, one of the reasons I left the blog alone is to focus on my book. I’m gonna keep it real: It’s time to make some money. For most of my writing career, I’ve taken on volunteer roles and tasks. Well, I’m going to make a few bucks off of my gift.

So, to kick this off, my book will be available for FREE for the first five days of November. Yes, November 1st-5th, my Kindle version will be free to view. All I ask of you, if you grab it, is to leave a review of it. That’s it. I want to get the ball rolling on building its brand. I’ll be posting ads in various places like Twitter, Facebook, and Amazon. I’m gonna push this out hard.

I’m also working an e-store for this site. That way, you can come here to purchase Dalanel products.

I have no current plan for content for this website. Like I said, I’m done blogging for a time. This will continue to be a website dedicate to keeping you updated on me and my ventures. I’m killing the podcast at the moment as I reorganize my digital presence.


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