Dalanel Podcast, Humor, and Opinion

Yeah, so I recently told y’all I was done with my blog, Dante’s Optimism. Why? Because my optimism died. Finally bit the dust.


Dalanel still lives. So, now I’m ready to share some things with you. My plans for this space. You ready?


Well…I don’t have a name for it, but I have a solid plan for it. So, I have a list of topics that I’m going to be talking about. Family. Work. My nipples. All sorts of things. I can’t promise you it’ll be some weekly or bi-weekly feature, but episodes will appear often.

Dante’s Opinion

Those of you that have been following Dante’s Optimism know about this feature. The very first thing I started my blogging career on was this. I would either find questions, or have my readers send them in. I would answer them; sort of like a “Ask Amy” type of thing. Well, it’s coming back. My goal? Either weekly…or DAILY.

I did some tweaking to the website, too. It’s a little more streamlined to highlight videos, podcast episodes, and Dante’s Opinion. This is all to keep the site active. I’m still working two jobs (sort of three) but I’m confident I can work this stuff in.

Dante Updates are for posts like that Carvana Vending Machine thing. Ultimately, this website is about me, so me is what you’ll get. Whatever I wanna talk about, that’s what it’s gonna be.

Oh yes, humor is on the way, as well.


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