Walking in the Spirit

Ya know, sometimes we forget that we are Spirits inside of these physical bodies. These bodies have their own set standards.

What this passage is telling us to remember to be led by the Spirit. The Holy Spirit plays a part in this, but I get the sense that this spirit is actually talking about us.

I’ve been taught there are three elements to us: Body, Spirit (sometimes known as Soul), and Mind. I think the Trinity fills those roles. Jesus is the body. The Holy Spirit is easily the Spirit. And God is the mind. Something like that.

Anyway, when Adam and Eve sinned, their spirit died and their physical being was compromised. So, because of the fall, we are born into sin and our flesh is the leading factor in this.

When we accept Jesus into our lives, there’s a struggle within is that generally isn’t in us before. This is because our spirit is now alive. It has a different agenda as this spirit’s power comes directly from the Holy Spirit. In this case, the flesh and spirit has two different agendas.

This conflict puts us in a standstill. That’s what the verse is saying. Our flesh wants to do one thing and our spirit wants to do the opposite.

At my job, I have two managers. Two direct managers. I tell them periodically that I need them on the same page because if they both tell me different things; I’m not going to know what the heck to do. It’s the same principle, here.

This is also why Jesus said no man can serve two masters. It’s impossible. You’ll end up leaning towards one or the other. So, as your flesh and spirit battle for your will power, you must allow the spirit to guide your body.

This isn’t easy. Like I said, we’re born into the flesh because our spirit is inactive until the Holy Spirit activates it. So, you’re used to living being led by the flesh. The older you get, the harder it can be to change up to be led by the spirit. It’s not even close to being impossible, but it’s probably harder than someone who is just a kid.

We’re more used to operating in the flesh. It’s the most natural thing for us because we were literally born into it. Sometimes the spirit is regulated to “that little voice in my head”. Not good. You should be very familiar with that voice and it should be the first voice you listen to.

The best way to walk in the spirit is to simply feed it. Nurture it. Let it grow. Care for it. Your spirit gets stronger and stronger and it tames the flesh. Not bully. Not abuse. Not belittle.

See, what we also need to remember is that our three elements must work together. Just like the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Our flesh is the one that fell, so Jesus, the Body of God (God in the flesh), had to come to fix it so that we could truly be whole.

Boom! It’s that easy. It starts with walking in the spirit.


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