Dante’s Opinion: Tell or Hide Lottery Winnings?

Randy has a very simple question. So, I’m hoping to have a simple answer. So, here is his question:

If you won millions in the Lottery would you keep it a secret our tell Everyone in your family?

So…first of all, technically the lottery people require you to share your name. It might be different in various states of whatever but most of them document your name at least and put it in a newspaper or website.

Okay, so if someone wanted to find out who won, it doesn’t matter what you want to do.

However, I would not broadcast this info. Yes, I’d hide this for as long as possible. My parents and siblings would get some cash, but that’s it. You mention family specifically, and that’s not going to work for me.

My family, at least my mom’s side, is WAY too materialistic. They’d pounce on me real quick.

My thing is, no, I’m not sharing any money. Also, I’d probably sign up for the payment thing. I’d get a check every whatever of my winnings so, technically, I wouldn’t get the lump sum anyway. But yeah, they’d be all over me and I’d get annoyed real quick.

But yeah, my parents, my three little sisters, and my big sister are immediate phone calls. “Guess what we won”. That’s it.


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