Slight Rebrand: Dante Writes and Dante Talks

For a good while, I’ve been trying to figure out what to name my podcast. I talked to my cousin about this, and she came up with something brilliant: Dante Talks.

To me, it was easy after that. I used to go by Dante Writes, because I was known as a writer. I’ve given that up, but that doesn’t mean it can’t still be used.

So, I’m finally using Dante Talks as the name for the podcast. Anything written by me following the same format as the podcast will be under the Dante Writes umbrella.

Dante Talks will now appear on Tuesdays. Dante Writes will appear on Wednesdays. Dante Funny will be on Friday. I did that on purpose.

  • Dante “Talks Tuesday”
  • Dante “Writes Wednesday”
  • Dante “Funny Friday”

It’s awesome, right? So, thank you, little cousin. She really made my day. Oh, and Dante’s Opinion will still show up on Mondays.


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