New Site Logos!

LOGOOOOOOOOOOOS! Oh boy! So, I have stuff like Dante Talks, Dante Writes, and Dante Funny. I wanted to brand each feature with a logo that sort of matches the vibe of each feature.

Dante Writes

Dante Writes’ logo has that penmanship feel to it. I wanted a writing style for this logo for obvious reasons. I had also considered typewriting fonts, but I didn’t like how any of them looked in the end. So, I went with this.

Dante Talks

Dante Talks’ logo is basically a “showtime” type of font. This was the hardest for me to figure out. What font best matches “talking”? There was a couple of thought bubble fonts I thought about using.

I don’t know what it is, but this font has some sort of TV show or radio show feel to it. I don’t know. It’s my favorite logo for a series that’s really growing on me. It’s surprising since I can’t stand my voice.

Dante Funny

Well, this is probably the only logo that is actually just a minor tweak of a previous logo. Yes, the font is the same as the previous:

This is font is just fun enough to match the tone without being out of control. It’s easier to read than a lot of the other silly fonts out there.

As you can see, each font has a different feel to it. Let me know which one is your favorite!


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