Dante Writes: What I Would Do If I Won the Lottery

The love of money is the root of all evil. The LOVE of money is the root of all evil. HOWEVER…we need money to survive in this world.

I was recently talking to myself about what I would do if I won the lottery. I will share with you what I would do. First of all, I’m not getting a lump sum. I’ll take a check every year or whatever. I wouldn’t even quit my day job! Well, my full time one, anyway.

I never played the lottery. There’s no reason why. Nothing ethical or moral. I simply haven’t. I don’t know why I haven’t. And I never judge anyone who does. Maybe ultimately I don’t believe in the luck I would need to get the win. I don’t know.

Either way, I like thinking about how my life would change if I did win the big jackpot for whatever the amount is. My goal is to clean up my past, invest, and build for the future.

Alright, so let’s go!

Check One: Get out of debt

This one is easy. Get out of debt. I got school loans and I’ll pay off the car I have. No new car; just pay off what I have. I gotta get myself in the black at the very least.

Check Two: Get my immediate family out of debt

This one was easy too. Depending on how much each check is, I might be able to do debt with just one check. But yeah, my parents and sisters are out of debt, and perhaps I’ll give them a boost in their savings accounts too.

Check Three: Invest

Yeah, so this was easy to decide too. I’m going to invest in all sorts of stuff. A few checks later, I’ll describe exactly what I’ll invest in. I have this weird fantasy of having shares in each company that I’ve been employed by. Not sure where that came from.

For the most part; I’ll be playing around in the stock market. For the time being, I’ll hire an accountant and broker until…

Check Four: Go back to school

I go back to school. I’ll go for finance and business. I will learn how the stock market works on my own and go from there. I also want to expand on my business education. I took a few classes while getting my accounting degree, but want to expand my knowledge.

Check Five: Start my business

My investments should pay off enough but this check will allow me to finally open my business that I’ve wanted to start for a while now.

Check Six: Quit my day job

Now that the business is up and running, I’m gonna quit my job. I got my education and I’m ready to go.


I’m not sure how many checks I’ll get and how much per check but whatever. I’m gonna buy some stuff. Nothing crazy. For instance, I’d buy the latest Xbox. Google Pixel phone. Microsoft Surface. I’d probably buy a new car. Acura. Because I’m a huge Acura and Honda fan.

Maybe more importantly, I may buy a house. I want to live in my hometown and so, for those of you that know where that is, I’m not going to be spending much for a home there.

There’s really not much I’d buy; but I’d buy the best of whatever it is I end up getting.

Check Eight: Invest in my hometown

On my own terms, I’d invest in my town. I’d back a few small businesses (even with me being a business owner myself). More importantly, I’d invest in the school system. We gotta build that up. And yeah, I was freaking homeschooled.

Check Nine: Take a long vacation

By now, my business is running strong. I have a fully trained staff. My investments are stable. My family is taken care of in a sense. Now, I’m going to take a break. I’m going to finally sit back and relax.

It will be me on my own; but I’d also want to do something with my sisters. I’ve worked hard for this. Just to sit down for a little bit.

Sometimes, people dream of the wildest things they’d do with money. You have to be responsible. You have to. My biggest fear is that family and “friends” will try to get in on this.

I barely have anyone close to me, so if I ever ended up in this situation; it’d be all too easy to figure out who is here for me and who is here for my check.

Most of the items on my agenda are for me. Getting my family out of debt is the only time I extend to them and the community outreach is also important, but under my terms is the only way they get that money.

Yeah, I’d gonna spend some of the money on myself. Why not? Nothing wrong with that; but I had to get my affairs in order first. Get out of debt and stabilize my capital.

Making smart choices with your finances is what the story is. And, after it’s done, take a break. Enjoy yourself. Build the empire and then sit on your throne.

Yeah, I wouldn’t have earned the initial finances to make it happen; but if you don’t do something with it, it’s a waste anyway.


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