Dante’s Opinion: Grandma’s Death Ruin My Birthday?

Today’s Dante’s Opinion is a little…sigh. Take it away, Anonymous:

My grandma died and ruined my birthday. Isn’t it mean to cancel my party? I still got all my gifts but we were meant to invite people over for burgers and cake. It had to be cancelled. Why cancel?it’s not going to make a difference to grandma being gone. My mom had already made the burgers so they’re in the refrigerator, and my dad is with his family at the hospital I think. My mom could have still grilled the food for me and friends. Or she could at least grill me a burger while we wait to see what’s happened to grandma


Let’s see how I can approach this. Your first sentence honestly is one of the most selfish, self centered things I’ve read/heard of in my entire life.

This is coming from a guy who isn’t all that big with family (or people in general). I have a very small circle. So, with that said, you have to understand that your (I assume) father’s mother is dead. Or…your last sentence makes it seem like she’s still alive…

Regardless, no, she did NOT ruin your birthday and no, it in NOT mean to cancel your party. A family member died. It’s some dark irony, but death of a loved one defeats the celebration of the birth of another almost always.

Not only are your parents grieving, but many others are probably grieving. A lot of resources and energy has to now go into getting her affairs in order. It sounds like you weren’t close to her. That’s fine. But, imagine if your mother died. Imagine someone very close to you died.

Or, the other angle is you simply are, as I stated earlier, purely a self centered person who thinks the world revolves around them. That’s scary in this context.

My suggestion to you is to show your family support during this tough time. Your family loves you. Grandma didn’t do this on purpose. I mean, for the love of Kim, this shouldn’t even be a legit question!


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