Dalanel Updates: New Design and Purpose



Collections. Collections is a WordPress theme I’m currently using. It’s a major difference to the previous design I used, Dynamic News. Here, many things are stripped and the focus is exclusively on the content. Not on me. The content.

With that said, the new tagline matches the new purpose: Dalanel: The Official Blog of Dante Nelson. It’s more of a blog than a website. I had to make a decision about what I wanted to post and what I thought you all cared about.

Look, Dante Writes and Dante Talks are not really going anywhere.

So, why Collections?

Well, it’s really simple. I loved the idea that it, among other themes, focuses on content type. So, it allows you to sort my content by text, video, images, and audio. Since I have a podcast, I write, and I post images from time to time, it felt like a good match. I’ll probably toss up my YouTube videos on here.

A new featured post will appear that focuses on images better. It may be a daily feature. It’ll contain any of the following:

  • Humor
  • Scripture
  • Quotes

It may end up with a name, but I’m not too sure. As for videos, I do want to do a video series focusing on my thoughts on various news stories. That would be Dante Records.


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