Dalanel’s Summer Reading

Hey y’all.

I used to run a blog called Dante’s Optimism. Once my optimism died, it didn’t make sense to keep the blog active. However, there are a lot of drafts there. Either work I didn’t finish or work I unpublished. Either way, I’m bringing that stuff over here. So, I have posts scheduled through August. Yeah, the stuff is already set so it’s ready. I don’t even have to be around.

There will be stuff from YEARS ago popping up. You’ll see some odd references and the dates will be off. Don’t worry about that. I essentially copied and pasted on here so typos may even still show up.

It was pretty interesting. I was reading some stuff and my writing style changed so much during the years. I’ve become more aggressive through the years. More detailed. I express myself thoroughly.

Anyway, enjoy some of my old work. I’m also bringing a popular series from over there. My Love Series. So, yeah, it’s going to be nice. I’ll also have a few podcast episodes show up as well as other content to keep things mixed up and have that variety.

Thanks to stopping by. Follow me on Twitter @DalanelTweets. Hugs and kisses!


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