Dante Writes, Dante Talks, Dante Records, Dante Shares, and Dante Funny

Dante, Dante, Dante.

It’s a website about me, so ya darn right I’m gonna use me. It’s named after me. It’s all about me.

So, you may have noticed different posts with my name and then something. Let’s talk about them.

Dante Writes

Ah, Dante Writes. Once upon a time, when I was a sports blogger, this was my pen name. My original pen name. And while I have stopped being identified as that, and transitioned to being known as Dalanel, Dante Writes has now become a form of content for me.

I write things. That’s what got me started with all of this. Before videos. Before podcasts. Before any of that. It was writing. I’m an expert writer. I really am. I love it. I love doing it.

Anyway, whenever you see Dante Writes, it’s a long form post about something.

Dante Talks

I didn’t know what to name my podcast. I talked to a cousin of mine who offered this name, (among others) and I took on the name. Just like Dante Writes is focused on writing, Dante Talks is focused on talking. It’s really that simple.

This podcast is weird. I initially meant for it to be a lighting podcast. Then, I started doing some random recordings. Next thing I knew, people were telling me they liked it. I can see this being a favorite feature of the site for you all, but Dante Writes is still my baby.

Dante Funny

Dante Funny is where I post funny stuff. On this blog, it’s likely going to be photos, but I may occasionally do some writing or share articles or something. But, mostly photos. I love how this feature is a pull from my blog, Dante’s Optimism. It was one of the original features, under a different name.

One thing about me is I’m funny. I know I am, but I also think many people think I’m funnier than I really am. So, it’s weird. Anyway, this is my baby. Uh, behind Dante Writes.

Dante Records

Naming this one was hard, because you could say that the Dante Talks is me recording audio. However, when we think of recording, we tend to think of a camera first. “I’m recording it”. I don’t know. Anyway, Dante Records is my video work. Wanna watch something? This is the place to be.

Dante Shares

The newest member of the Dante Content Lineup (I might use that from now on; hmm) is Dante Shares. My initial use for it is to showcase other people, specifically people close to me. Friends and family work and projects. I share a link to them and then you can check them out.


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