Time for a Patreon?

Hey…yeah, so I was thinking for a week or so. Should I start a Patreon?

I keep saying “no”. But, I follow a lot of people that have it and, when they talk about how they use it, I sort of get the idea that perhaps this is something that I could use.

The biggest reason why I’m against starting a Patreon is because I am not in a place where I am willing to pay for my work. I just don’t know.

I have gotten a lot of positive reaction from the podcast; I’m not the biggest fan of it since it involves my voice. My voice is something I really don’t like hearing so I assume nobody else wants to hear.

That’s been a theme of mine. The things I think are not a big deal or that I don’t like are the very things people like most about me. So, if I use reverse psychology or something, does this mean that starting a Patreon is actually a good idea?

I’m also awkward with the idea of asking for money, so that’s another reason why I would sit this out. It’s delicate to me. I don’t want to cram the thing down your throat, but I also need to make sure you know about it. But, I’m not trying to appear to dollar signs as eyes. See my issue?


If I started the darn thing, I know what I would put on there. Obviously, this would be exclusive content that you cannot get from me anywhere else. I have a bunch of books that I’ve written:

Maybe you would want a monthly subscription to read such material? I post a chapter per week or month or something? And then I can add in extra podcast episodes. As it builds, I can have contests and stuff. So, I mean, I have a plan. I just have to know if it’s worth it.

So, let me know. Would you basically be willing to pay for more content from me?


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