Dear Cookie…

Dear Cookie,

How long have we known each other now? 15 years or so? Seems like forever. I would have called but I didn’t have the guts. And seeing you in the flesh wouldn’t gone well either. I need a break. It’s not me; it’s you. You’re too sweet to me. Chocolate chip? Sugar? Peanut butter? Macadamia nuts? Oatmeal raisin? And so many more. I try to go to the gym but here you go calling me up, “Hey Dante I’ve slipped in a puddle of milk! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” Something tells me you wouldn’t care if I were diabetic.

Does this mean we have to see other people or I guess pastries? I mean Cake seems like a nice fellow. And Pie’s pretty cute too. But they just don’t seem to offer what you give, Cookie. You don’t hear about “Cake monster” or “Pie monster” do you? Nope, just “Cookie Monster”. I’ve had ice cream sandwiches made out of you. You come hard and soft.  For crying out loud you have a cereal!

But I have to move on. Or at least try to. Every time I try to though, I end up running into you. It’s like I’m running in a circle or something, just like the shape of your body. It’s like you have cast a spell on me or something. One day I’ll be free of your sweet touch. Until then-oh I have to go. There’s a batch of you ready in the oven.

Hungry for you,



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