Ah, so, you should know who is behind the writing of all of this stuff. Well, let’s start off with my name: Dante Nelson. I do go by Dalanel, however. It’s an acronym of my first, middle, and last name.

This site is my digital epicenter. Updates on my writing…and lighting…projects show up here. My followers, my fans, all of you that are interested in my content will want to keep an eye on this site.

I am also a big lighting fan. I’m a lighting designer and I make videos on such topics. Check out my videos on YouTube. Um…it would be great if you subscribed.

I would say that I am a Christian but with so many denominations of it, I’ll just say this: I believe that Jesus came to this earth to save this world from their sins. And because I believe this fact, I also believe that I will enter the Kingdom of Heaven when my time to pass comes. I’m a simple guy. What I meant to say is that I know I’m going to Heaven because Jesus died for me. Enough said.

Check out my page Writing Career to get more details about me.

Enjoy the ride,



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